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Donald Trump

Donald Trump

I want to be as clear as possible about this. Donald Trump, his wife, his children, and his supporters have been under almost constant attack since the primaries began over a year ago.

The attacks have been shrill, vicious, unrelenting, and they seem only to increase with each passing day. These attacks are coming from both both political parties, the main stream media, and various other hangers on.

Now friends want me to feel sympathy for a single unflattering picture of Ted Cruz’s wife?

And people wonder why I refer to Ted Cruz as a crybaby?

The sheer volume of vitriol directed at Donald Trump in a single day outweighs that single slight by orders of magnitude. I am not impressed, or amused by petulant butt hurt Cruz supporters.

What most fail to understand is that electing Donald Trump is just the beginning of the fight. After all the pomp, and circumstance is over the real work, and the real battle will begin, and Trump is going to need all the support he can get, but I think he correctly points out that there are some he just won’t need.

A lot of the people who are whining now are still going to be whining later when the real work/battle begins. It is those people whom I think Trump was talking about not needing.

And once again I think Trump is right…


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