First hand account of Charlottesville event

Here is a first hand account of the Charlottesville event:

OK, I’m sure you’ve all been watching the news about Charlottesville. Here is MY account. Keep in mind, I’m ONE person with two eyes so my view/scope is limited.

Before I go on – this was NOT meant to be a white power rally. I NEVER would have gone. And even though white supremacy groups were (sadly) present, it was as much an anarchist/Antifa event as it was a white supremacist group. Both groups were EQUALLY problematic, so when you hear the news that this was a white nationalist nightmare – that is only HALF the story. And that is really the only half that the lying media wants you to know.

Anyway… I arrived at the rally about 7:30am. I came with no picket signs, was not carrying a flag, and wore neutral, unidentifiable clothing. Throughout the event, I did not chant or even speak much.

It was not scheduled to start until noon. I parked at a distance, and took a taxi to about a block of the event. I then walked past another park, where BLM was already there because I heard loud chanting of “No Justice, No Peace”. There were Antifa milling about here and there around that second park.

The ‘right’ group had a permit for Emancipation Park, and that is where most of this had occurred. I was one of the first few people inside the park. There might have been about 10 people inside, and about the same out on the street. The numbers quickly grew. The first ‘group’ that I saw come in was a militia group, armed to the kilt with automatic rifles, hip pistols, etc. The were escorted in by police. They were not associated with any group that I could tell. They assembled themselves along the side walk facing the street around the park. They did not interact with anyone. What happened to them as the day went on, I have no idea because the crowd grew so unruly.

There were many racist white groups inside the park eventually. Not everyone belonged to those groups, but they organized mostly by different groups. The way that the police had the park set up was ALMOST sufficient for safety. The park was divided in two sections, with a metal barrier ‘buffer zone’ going down the middle and in front of the half where the groups were all congregated. I stayed on the other side until the last few minutes before the state of emergency was called. Seeing the racist groups, I didn’t want to be associated with them. But of course, that doesn’t matter to the Antifa group since to them, we are all racist. I met a very nice woman who was there with her husband and 16 year old son. She knew the person who planned the event, and she voiced to me that she didn’t like the hate groups who were pleasant, so we both stayed on the other side. Of course, this side was open to anyone and everyone coming in.

Two white BLM ignorant bitches paraded back and forth in front of me and this woman, very loudly chanting, and then one took out a cow bell and proceeded to look at us directly and continue clanging it directly beside our ears. We each asked them to stop. When she didn’t, I grab it and pushed it away from her. In a WELL COORDINATED response, she began yelling at the top of her lungs “assault! assault! assault” until some of her cronnies came over with cameras and took my picture for their little Antifa photo album I guess.

There were two watch groups present. The first were the ACLU watchers, and the other was some lawyer guild watchers. The ladies with the cow bell went over to the ACLU and was complaining about my injuring her. The ACLU told her to report it to the police. She walked over to the police, and started complaining that I scratched her (I don’t even have fingernails!). The cop said “I saw it all and it never happened”. The BLM honey stomped off in defeat. I never saw them again.
By this time, a large group of clergy assembled directly facing the park, singing loudly ‘this little light of mine’, praying loudly. Another group started singing Christian songs actually in the park.

So by now, the street in front of the park began to fill with mostly Antifa. Chants from their side got the nationalists started, and their chant was “You will not replace us”.

Now, three very lovely ladies approached the bench that I was standing on. As one got closer, she vomitted at my feet, and then took a step and vomitted again. I offered her water, and a clean rag and a mint. Her shirt had splatter marks on her. The vomitting lady told me ‘they’, pointing to our crowd, had thrown URINE on her. As we stood there talking, the other lady said it hit her too, but she thought it came from the Antifa group in the street. As we talked, we saw another bottle of urine get hurled from the street into the park, so it was indeed Antifa throwing urine.

The next thing that I remember seeing were bottles being tossed from the street into the side of the park that I was in. Immediately after that, the air began to sting my eyes – Antifa was now throwing tear gas canisters into the crowd. The nationalist group, by now, in small groups, was exiting the side of the park they were on, and marching down the street to my side of the park, and then back. During this time, I saw many on our side coming back from the street after being hit with pepper spray, and what they were calling ‘bear spray’. I could see down into the street, and there were fights happening.

As more and more gas cans landed on my side of the park, I moved close to the police area, right up against the barricade. I had to cover my face because the air was so thick with the gas burning my lungs and eyes. With a can landing close by the police, I heard them say, they are throwing gas cans (I really don’t think they were aware until now), let’s go! So the police left their buffer area. I did not see them move into the street to stop Antifa who were doing all of the chemical attacks.
Then the barriers between the sections of the park went down, and the police formed a line behind us, and started telling us that this was now an unlawful assembly, and started moving the group toward the front of the park, towards the street, where Antifa was waiting. We tried telling them that we were not safe with what they were doing, but still they continued to threaten us with arrest and continued pushing us out into the Antifa crowd.

In the meantime, I started seeing many of the nationalist group and others on the right coming in with their eyes and faces covered with pepper spray. I had made a medical bag, just in case, and began treating them as best I could. In all, I treated about a dozen men and one woman who had been hit with pepper spray directly to the face. In addition, several men had gaping wounds to their heads. I cleaned some of those, and gave rags to stop the bleeding. One I heard had gone to the hospital for treatment.

I was doing all of this at the same time I was inching forward into the Antifa crowd because the police were still pushing. Finally, they gave us another way that let us onto the street just in front of the Antifa line. I heard these right groups say they were moving to another park. As I tried to move with them to be safe (as I said, I was alone so didn’t want to move through the violent Antifa crowd on my own), I got pulled away by a news crew to do an interview.

As I spoke to them, a gas canister hit my foot. I kicked it back in the direction that it came. In the 3 or 4 minutes that I spoke to the reporter, the ‘right’ group had disappeared. I walked in the direction that I thought they were in, but couldn’t find them. I walked into another near by park, and noticed it was full of Antifa, so I quickly turned around and asked a security guard for directions.

I ended up somehow back at emancipation park, where the police were standing, and Antifa was STILL there, holding a full blown rally in the park where WE had the permit, and the police showed absolutely NO sign of making THEM leave like they tried to make our side leave. Oddly enough, I think I may just look like Antifa with my dreadlocks, and I stayed safe. I think if I didn’t have my locks, I’d probably have been beaten since I was alone. I saw NO other members of the ‘right’ still at Emancipation Park.

As an after thought, IF the driver of the car that hit and killed the bystanders turns out to be Antifa, I wouldn’t be surprised because the Nationalists, by this time, were all dispersed a few miles away at another park. We’ll see.

Eventually, I caught up with the stragglers from the ‘right’ group. I met a very nice older gentleman who was having trouble keeping up with the distance and the heat as I was. This guy, and his nephew, later were the ones to give me a ride to my car, which was God-knows-where on the other side of town. Together, we headed for McIntyre park, but by the time that we reached there, we were told that police turned the ‘right’ group away.

We hung out on a busy corner for about 20 minutes, people from the ‘right’ coming and going. Most said they were leaving Charlottesville. I watched as a large group of white power people packed up and left together.

As we were there, many cars drove by calling us names. My back was turned, by the older gentleman that I had met told me that someone spit at my back but missed as they drove by.

So I want to make one thing perfectly clear: The police did a pretty good job PLANNING to keep people separated, but did not account for group mobility between and around the parks.

BLM and Antifa groups did NOT start out at Emancipation Park. They came TO US. They could have peacefully protested in a different park, and we all could have been safe…. I’m not even sure that they had a permit to be at Emancipation Park. They should have been stopped at some perimeter around the park.
The other point, I already made, but WHY was the group that had the permit forced to leave and the antagonist group allowed to stay at Emancipation Park?

Want to know who is behind this?  I’ll give you three guesses, but two don’t count…

George Soros


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